Founded by Lea Corbett in late 2018, Map’s purpose is to strengthen NFPs by building their capability & impact.  Map’s unique strength is its ability to harness the vast treasure trove of knowledge, skills, experience and wisdom accumulated by older professionals over the course of their diverse careers. 

Surveys of NFPs, peak organisations in the sector and leaders like Susan Pascoe AM (past ACNC Commissioner) have consistently identified the need to strengthen capability and capacity in NFPs in a range of areas.  Sector leaders understand that if they are to survive and thrive in an environment of rapid change, growing marketisation and funding, digital and social pressures – they will require new thinking, data, analysis and skills to power their purpose.

Map’s purpose…

To nourish NFPs. 

We harness the experience of mature age professionals to strengthen the capability and impact of NFPs.

 We are…

Open-minded, judicious and progressive mature aged professionals who believe all organisations need to look forward, continually learn and adapt in order to flourish.

Map’s highly qualified consultants have worked in executive and non-executive director roles in the public, private or not for profit sectors (often all three).  They maintain the currency of their professional knowledge and networks in order to help for-purpose organisations to thrive.      

We are proudly optimistic and stand for a world without war, poverty, environmental degredation, discrimination or injustice.  We support a ‘Yes’ vote in the 2023 referendum to honour and recognise the First Nations peoples of Australia and to give a much needed practical boost to our decades-long reconciliation efforts.  We support a world where all people are valued and respected and their contributions acknowledged.

Find out more about Map’s history here:  Two Birds, One Stone

Our logo…

Map’s logo is a depiction of tree rings.  No, not a finger print!

It’s a symbol of the layers of deep experience and embedded knowledge  that Map consulting group members have to offer our clients. 

A tree’s growth rings provide a record of how it has adapted to varying conditions and thrived in the face of challenges and change over the years. This record can also provide important insights for the future.